We value the persuasion of excellence. Why limit yourself to a single brand when you can have an impact on the whole automobile industry?

Success is not a destination, it’s a constant persuasion. You have to grow so that you can become big, and you have to strive constantly to stay big. And by the dint of sheer hard work, determination and strategic planning you get to be one of the biggest players in the industry.

And Asian Holdings stands today as one of the biggest group of companies in the automobile industry of Bangladesh. We are also one of the biggest importers reconditioned and brand new cars in the country. With 7 companies, 200+ employees. We are continuing to expand our horizon, provide quality products & services in the market and continuing to be mindful of all of our stakeholders.

From entry level reconditioned vehicles to brand new European luxury cars, from automobile parts to world class vehicle repair & service workshop; Asian Holdings does it all. Our vision of providing a 360 degree solution to personal and commercial vehicle owners is being brought into fruition by our businesses.

Bangladesh is changing, the economy is growing faster than ever and with this ever changing environment; including the changes in the automobile industry the marketplace is more competitive than ever. In order to stay relevant, profitable and maintain its competitive advantage over other players in the market, Asian Holdings is willing to spare no business expense. We understand that credibility, keeping business promises and unity as a business group stands above everything. In order to achieve our business goals, we will utilize all our business acumen and expertise in every way possible. Because we’re here for the long run, we’re here to stay on top and we’re here to pursue excellence.